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Saluda Grade
Location:  Melrose, NC to Saluda, NC in western North Carolina   Google map   
Railroad:  NS (ex Southern)   
Significance:   At 4.7 percent the steepest adhesion main line grade in the United States.    
Sand Patch Grade
Location:   Southern Alleghenies of south central Pennsylvania   
Railroad:   CSX (ex Chessie System, ex B&O)  
Significance:   CSX east-west route over the crest of the Allegheny Mountains at an altitude of 2,258 feet.    
Link to my Sand Patch Grade page   
Selkirk Yard
Location:  South of Albany, NY   N 42.55370, W 73.83303   
Railroad:  CSX   
Significance:   Major Eastern hub for CSX, and eastern terminus for many cross country trains.  
Shasta Line
Location:   Northern California and southern Oregon   
Railroad:  UP (ex-SP); Amtrak   
Significance:  A twisting mountain crossing with steep grades, requiring helpers on heavy trains. Connection between California and the Pacific
Shenandoah Route
Location:   Harrisburg, PA to Roanoke, VA, Knoxville, and Chattanooga, TN paralleling I-81 much of the way.   
Railroad:   NS (ex NS and ex Conrail)  
Significance:   Identified as a NS long distance corridor between the Northeast and the Southeast, implemented as a result of acquisition of its part
of Conrail by NS.
Sherman Hill
Location:   Southern Wyoming between Cheyenne, WY and Laramie, WY   Google map   
Railroad:   UP  
Significance:  Highest point on the transcontinental railroad at 8,015 feet. Part of the original transcontinental railroad (the Overland Route).  The
Harriman Cutoff, a third track, with a lower gradient was added in 1952-1953. The earlier main tracks, still in use, have a 1.55 per cent grade; the
cutoff has less than 1 per cent.
Link to my Sherman Hill page   
Shore Line
Location:   Boston-New York City, via New London, CT and Providence, RI  
Railroad:   Amtrak  
Significance:  Northern segment of the Norteast Corridor  
Soldier Summit
Location:  Central Utah, southeast of Salt Lake City   Google map   
Railroad:   UP (ex SP, ex D&RGW); Utah Railway; Amtrak  
Significance:  Summit of the crossing of the Wasatch Mountains at 7,440 feet; double track main line with heavy traffic.  
Link to my Soldier Summit page   
Spencer Yard
Location:  New Spencer Yard is located in Linwood, NC (in central North Carolina)  N 35.73724, W 80.33782; old Spencer Yard located in nearby
Spencer is now the North Carolina Transportation Museum.      
Railroad:  NS (ex-Southern)   
Significance:   Major hub of the NS system on the Washington, D.C. - Atlanta, GA main line.
Spine Line
Location:  Route from Minneapolis, MN to Kansas City, MO      
Railroad:  UP (ex CNW, ex RI)    
Significance:   Major north-south line of the former Chicago & North Western.  Was the spine of many branches of the Rock Island in Iowa. CNWs
original Minneapolis-Kansas City route was abandoned after CNW acquired the more direct ex RI line in 1983
St. Clair Tunnel
Location:  Under the St. Clair River between Port Huron, MI and Sarnia, ON, Canada    N 42.96018, W 82.43301  
Railroad:   CN   
Significance:   Major U.S.-Canadian link, improved in the mid 1990s with a new tunnel capable of handling double stack containers and other high-cube
rail cars.
St. Claire Tunnel - Wikipedia   
Starrucca Viaduct
Location:  Near Lanesboro, PA   Google map   
Railroad:   Central New York Railroad, (NS has trackage rights)   
Significance:  Massive stone bridge, 120 feet high and 1400 feet long, consisting of 17 Roman arches. Constructed of blocks of cut sandstone, the
bridge was completed in 1848 and is still in use today.   
See my
Starrucca Viaduct Page   
State Line Tunnel
Location:  Near Canaan, NY     N 42.38000, W 73.44526   Google map   
Railroad:   CSX  (ex Conrail)
Significance:   Favorite photo location in the Berkshire Hills. Key route to Selkirk Yard, one of the major hubs of the CSX system.   
Steamtown National Historic Site
Location:  Downtown Scranton, PA    Google map   
Railroad:   National Park Service operation; operates tourist trains off site on nearby railroads. The site itself is a is an ex-Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western yard.
Significance:   The only U.S. National park dedicated to the interpretation of mainline steam railroad heritage.  
Steamtown National Historic Site official website   
Steamtown National Historic Site - Wikipedia   
Stein's Hill
Location:  On Cajon Pass in Southern California     N 34.32487, W 117.49398
Railroad:     BNSF, UP
Significance:  Photo location named after Richard Stein, famed western railroad photographer and historian.   
Link to my Cajon Pass page    
Steven's Pass
Location:  North-central Washington State; site of Cascade Tunnel.
Railroad:   BNSF, Amtrak  
Significance:  At 2,818 feet, major rail crossing of the Cascade Mountains. Key East-west route for intermodal traffic to and from the ports of the
Seattle-Tacoma area. It can handle double-stack traffic.  See entry for
Cascade Tunnel.
Suisun Bay Bridge
AKA The Benicia Martinez Rail Bridge   
Location:  North of the San Francisco Bay Area, California.   N 38.04161, W 122.12298   
Railroad:  UP (ex SP); Amtrak      
Significance:  Largest and heaviest steel railroad bridge west of the Mississippi.   
Link to my Benicia Martinez Rail Bridge page   
Sullivan's Curve
Location:  Near Summit of Cajon Pass, Southern California   N 34.29914, W 117.47364   
Railroad:   BNSF, UP, Amtrak  
Significance:  named for early Cajon Pass photographer, Herb Sullivan, this is a much photographed heavy traffic location.   
Link to my Cajon Pass page    
Sunnyside Yard
Location:   Queens, New York City, NY   N 40.74828, W 73.93354   
Railroad:   Amtrak (ex-Pennsylvania); LIRR  
Significance:  Amtrak's major yard in the New York City area; on the electrified Northeast Corridor.      
Sunset Route
Location:   New Orleans, LA to Los Angeles, CA (via Houston, San Antonia, El Paso, Tucson, and Phoenix)  
Railroad:   UP (ex SP, mostly ex Texas & New Orleans); Amtrak  
Significance:  Major east-west route. Used by Amtrak's Sunset Limited      
Supai Summit
Location:   Northern Arizona, on the Arizona Divide  
Railroad:  BNSF, Amtrak   
Significance:  Busy transcontinental freight route through spectacular desert scenery. Steep Grades.     
Surf Line
Location:   Southern California, between Los Angeles and San Diego.  
Railroad:  Amtrak, BNSF   
Significance:  Scenis line along the Pacific Ocean.     
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St. Charles Air Line
Location:  Chicago, IL   N 41.86074, W 87.62159     
Railroad:   CN   
Significance:   The St. Charles Air Line is a rail line located in Chicago, Illinois in which the BNSF Railway, Union Pacific Railroad, and Canadian
National Railway have interests.  It is currently used by the Canadian National Railway for freight trains and by Amtrak passenger trains. The line
runs east from south of Union Station to a junction with Canadian National Railway at 16th Street interlocking (the CN line then continues towards
the shore of Lake Michigan, where it turns south under McCormick Place, passing over and then paralleling the Metra Electric Line).  
See a more complete description in the 'History' part in Wikipedia   
Stampede Pass
Location:  Central Washingto State   N 47.26299, W 121.36649
Railroad:   BNSF
Significance: The oldest mainline over the Cascades Mountains
Stampede Pass - Wikipedia   
Stone Arch Bridge  
Location: Minneapolis, MN   N 44.98083, W 93.25361
Railroad:  Great Northern Railway  
Significance:  The Stone Arch Bridge is a former railroad bridge crossing the Mississippi River at Saint Anthony Falls in downtown Minneapolis,
Minnesota. It is the only arched bridge made of stone on the entire length of the Mississippi River. It is the second oldest next to Eads Bridge
Link to Wikipedia Page