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Natural Tunnel   
Location:  Far southwestern Virginia, near Clinchport about 15 miles northwest of Kingsport, TN   Google map   
Railroad:  NS     
Significance: Natural Tunnel, a massive naturally formed cave that is so large it is used as a railroad tunnel. It is located in the Appalachian Mountains
near Duffield in Scott County, Virginia. Trains operated by Norfolk Southern at the tunnel located in Natural Tunnel State Park haul coal from
Knoxville to Southwestern Virginia, and while park visitors can take the chair lift down to the tracks, it's illegal to walk on them.    
Nebraska Triangle   
Location:  Central Nebraska, consisting of Grand Island, Hastings, and Gibbon, NE   Google map   
Railroad:  UP,  BNSF   
Significance:   Area where some of the busiest main lines of the two largest rail systems cross each other and interchange traffic with each other.  
There were major improvements in the track alignments in the 1990s Notable was BNSF's flyover of the UP main at Grand Island.
Needles District   
Location:  In the Mojave Desert of  southeastern California  
Railroad:  BNSF   
Significance:  Two long stretches of 1.4 per cent grades in desert terrain. In between in flat desert country, trains reach speeds up to 70 miles per
hour. BNSFs main east-west route into Los Angeles with 50+ trains per day, many of them intermodal.   
Neff Yard   
Location:  Kansas City MO   N 39.12038, W 94.50335    
Railroad:  UP   
Significance:  Largest UP Kansas City yard  
Neff Yard   
Location:  New England to New Orleans via Rocky Mount and Hamlet, NC; Atlanta; and Montgomery, AL   
Railroad:  CSX (ex CSX and ex Conrail)   
Significance:  Identified as a long distance corridor, implemented as a result CSXs acquisition of its share of Conrail.   
New River Gorge   
Location:  West Virginia and far western Virginia.   
Railroad:  NS, (ex NW,and ex Virginian); CSX, (ex C&O) in West Virginia.   
Significance:  Scenic rail lines in rugged terrain. Along a substantial portion of the river, there are rail lines along both shores, both now operated by
NS for mostly directional running (though both lines can be used in both direction). One of these is the ex NW line, and the other is the ex
Virginian.  CSX follows the river through a substantial portion of southern West Virginia, where it passes through many historic towns.  Coal traffic
Northeast Corridor   
Location:  Northward from Washington, D.C., Through New York City, to Hartford, and Boston.   
Railroad:  Primarily Amtrak, with NS trackage rights. Many regional commuter systems also operate on parts of the corridor.   
Significance:  Busiest passenger rail corridor in North America. The only long stretch of electrified rail territory (with catenary) in the U.S.  Often
referred to as the NEC.   
Northeastern Gateway Corridor   
Location:  Chicago through Ohio to the New York/New Jersey area and on to Boston.   
Railroad:  CSX (ex CSX and ex Conrail)   
Significance:  Identified as a long distance corridor, implemented as a result CSXs acquisition of its share of Conrail.   
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