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Jenks Shops   
Location:  North Little Rock, AR   N 34.76284, W 92.27702   
Railroad: UP (ex MP)    
Significance:  UP primary heavy maintenance shops for engines. Jenks shops are where the first units of absorbed railroads, such as CNW, WP, and
SP, have been painted into UP livery.
Link to Union Pacific's official page for Jenks Shops   
Joint Line  (Colorado)   
Location:  Central Colorado, between Denver and Pueblo    
Railroads: BNSF and UP    
Significance:  Heavy traffic line that carries a major portion of  southbound coal from the Powder River Basin.    
Colorado Railfan's map
Joint Line  (Chicago)   
Location:   The line runs south from Dolton Junction south for 65 miles to Woodland Junction at N 40.70176, W 87.73067.  
Railroads:  UP (ex MP) and CSX   
Significance: The line is UP's gateway into and out of Chicago to and from the west and CSX's exit from Barr Yard to the east.     
Joso Viaduct   
Location:  Between Joso and Ayer, WA   N 46.59434, W 118.22784   
Railroads:  UP   
Significance:   Colossal 3,920 foot long structure over the Snake River Valley.   
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