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Cajon Pass   
Location: Southern California north of San Bernardino   Google map
Railroad: UP, BNSF, Amtrak
Significance:  Route into Los Angeles via San Bernardino. Challenging grades of 3% on the original track and 2.2% on the newer "north track" With a
summit of 3,775 Feet.
Link to my Cajon Pass page   
Calumet Yard   
Location: Chicago area   N 41.70733, W 87.5743  
Railroad: NS
Significance:  Norfolk Southern Triple Crown intermodal facility.
Canal Street Yard   
Location: Chicago area   N 41.84434, W 87.63785
Railroad: UP
Significance:   intermodal facility.  
Note: This is UPs smallest intermodal facility in the Chicago area.
Cantara Loop   
Location:  Northern California on the Shasta Line, near Dunsmuir Summit  N 41.84434, W 87.63785   
Railroad: UP
Significance:   Main line from California to Oregon  
Note: Nearby to the southeast,about 2 miles is Sawmill Curve, another famous loop.
Cascade Summit   
Location:  Oregon Cascades (western Oregon)   Google map  
Railroad: UP (ex SP)
Significance: Twisting key north-south line features numerous tunnels, snow sheds, and trestles with a 1.8% ruling grade
Cascade Tunnel   
Location:  Central Washington State, between Seattle and Spokane. (east portal at Berne N 47.77002, W 120.99892, west Portal at Scenic N
47.71532, W 121.14525)  
Google map   
Railroad: BNSF, Amtrak
Significance:  Longest rail tunnel in the United States at 7.79 miles. Major tunnel on BNSFs crossing of the Cascade Moutains at 2,218 feet elevation
Central Corridor   
Location:  Kansas City MO to Salt Lake City, UT
Railroad: UP
Significance: Link to the west coast.
Central Corridor (CSX new)   
Location:  Between Cincinnati, OH and Savannah, GA via Huntington, WV.
Railroad: CSX
Significance: Identified as one of CSXs long distance corridors, implemented as a result of CSX acquisition of its part of Conrail.
Chicago Southeast Gateway   
Location:  Chicago to Florida via Nashville, TN, and Atlanta, GA
Railroad: CSX
Significance: Identified as one of CSXs long distance corridors, implemented as a result of CSX acquisition of its part of Conrail.
Cicero Yard   
Location:  Chicago, IL  N 41.83946, W 87.76164
Railroad: BNSF
Significance: A major BNSF intermodal yard in the Chicago area.
Note:  Also known locally as Clyde Yard.   
Location:   Marion, NC   N 35.696711, W 81.982066
Railroad: CSX (ex Clinchfield), NS (ex Southern)
Significance: Where the NS Salisbury-Ashville line crosses over (on a bridge) CSX's ex-Clinchfield Line. This is the NS name for the location; CSX calls
the location Marion.   
Google map   
Clearing Yard   
Location:   Chicago, IL  N 41.76789, W 87.76132  
Railroad: Belt Railway of Chicago
Significance: Major interchange yard in the the Chicago area.   
Coast Line   
Location:   California: Los Angeles to San Francisco.   
Railroad: UP (ex WP), Amtrak   
Significance: Major west coast north-south route with many scenic locations.
Clio Trestle   
Location:   Northern California in Mohawk Valley on the Feather River Canyon route.  N 39.754124, W 120.566883  Google map  
Railroad: UP (ex WP)
Significance: 2600 foot long high steel trestle. One of the largest engineering works on the Feather River Canyon line.
Columbia River Gorge   
Location:   On the border between Washington State and Oregon   
Railroad: BNSF on the north shore of the Columbia River, UP on the south shore  
Significance: Scenic route with heavy traffic by two major east-west railroads.
Link to my Columbia River Gorge page   
Conway Yard   
Location:   About 22 miles northwest of Pittsburg.   N 40.67347, W 80.24868   
Railroad:  NS  
Significance:  Large dual hump classification yard in the Norfolk Southern system.     
Corwith Yard   
Location:   Southwest side of Chicago, IL   N 41.81738, W 87.71573
Railroad:  BNSF  
Significance:  Large intermodal yard.     
Crawford Hill   
Location:   Northwestern Nebraska,Crawford, NE   Google map   
Railroad:  BNSF  
Significance:  Key obstacle on BNSFs route out of the Powder River Basin coal mining area. With a 13 mile 1.55% grade.     
Copper Creek Viaduct   
Location:   Far southwestern Virginia, between Gate City, VA and Clinchport, VA   N 36.65538, W 82.74444  
Railroad:  CSX (ex-Clinchfield); NS (ex Southern)  
Significance:  There are actually two parallel trestles over the Copper Creek Valley. A lower one belonging to NS and a higher one belonging to CSX.
Each railroad has trackage rights over the other which achieves shortcuts for each railroad over various routes in the mountainous routes in coal
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