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A.H. Smith Bridge   
Location: South of Albany, NY  over the Hudson River N 42.50876, W 73.77499
Railroad: CSX
Significance: This bridge is a key railroad bridge over the Hudson River in upstate New
York, which enables traffic from the east to directly access Selkirk Yard on the west side of the Hudson.
Link to my A.H. Smith Bridge page
Abo Canyon   
Location: In central New Mexico, just east of Belen, NW  Google Map
Railroad: BNSF
Significance: Choke point on the busy BNSF Transcon; scenic section in dessert terrain.
Link to my Belen Page
Absolute Alley   
Location: North end of the Orin Line in the powder river Basin of eastern Wyoming between Orin and Gillette, WY Google Map
Railroad: BNSF, UP
Significance: High traffic double and triple track coal line with multiple interlockings and crossovers (and their absolute signals) per mile due to the
many connections to spurs leading to various mines.
Acca Yard   
Location: Richmond VA  N 37.58295, W 77.47692
Railroad: CSX es RF&P
Significance: Largest remaining yard in the Richmond VA area. The yard has lost some of it's significance since the RF&P merged into CSX
Alameda Corridor   
Location: Los Angeles, CA  N 33.88874, W 118.21895 (arbitrary choice of location)
Railroad: UP & BNSF
Significance:  New north-south link between key Southern California port facilities (Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach) and the U.S.
Mainline rail network
Link to my Alameda Corridor web page    
Allegheny Portage RR   
Location: Central Pennsylvania, near Horseshoe Curve   Google map
Railroad:  Allegheny Portage RR (abandoned)
Significance:  First attempt at a railroad crossing of the Allegheny Mountains using both level track and a series of inclined planes using cable haulage
in the 1830's and 1840's.
Link to Allegheny Portage RR National Historic Site official page  
Alphabet Route   
Location: East of Detroit, MI towards Baltimore, MD
Railroad:  Wheeling & Lake Erie (W trackage rights on CSX); NS (ex-Nickle Plate, WLE, Pittsburg & West Virginia, Western Maryland)
Significance:  Name comes from the multiple railroads once involved: NKP, WLE, PWV, WM, CS  
See my
Alphabet Route Page   
Altamont Pass   
Location:  Southeast of San Francisco Bay area, CA  Google map
Railroad:  UP
Significance:   Key gateway into the San Francisco area from Stockton to the east.
Argentine Yard   
Location:  Kansas City, MO   N 39.0833, W 94.68291
Railroad:  BNSF
Significance:   One of the largest classification yards in North America, and the largest of many yards in the Kansas City area.
Arizona Divide   
Location:  Northern Arizona near Flagstaff, AZ   Google map
Railroad:  BNSF
Significance:  Higest point on the busy mainline with steep grades, and spectacular scenery.
Arnold Loop   
Location:  Part of Silver Zone Pass near Wendover NV
Railroad:  UP
Significance:  This tight horseshoe curve (not actually a closed loop) is a key landmark in this desert terrain line.
Atlantic Coast Corridoor   
Location:  New England to Florida
Railroad:  CSX
Significance:  Identified as one of a dozen CSX long distance corridoors implemented as a result of the CSX acquisition of its part of Conrail.
Avondale Yard      
Location:  Kansas City, MO   N 39.13738, W 94.56052
Railroad:  NS
Significance:  Moderate sized flat yard costituting the western end of NS service.
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Age of Steam Roundhouse   
Location: Sugarcreek, OH   N 40.47930, W 81.66447   Google map   
Railroad: Private
Significance: Owner, Jerry Jacobson, founder and former CEO of the Ohio Central Railroad, Built this new roundhouse as a state-of-the-art modern
steam facility to house his collection of steam locomotives.
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