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A Bibliography on Impeachment:

The U.S Constitution, Artcle II, Section 4  <
Discussion 1> <Discussion 2>  
The Federalist Papers, #65 by Alexander Hamilton  <
Text>   <Discussion>  
The Articles of Impeachment of Andrew Johnson   <
Text>   <Discussion>  
The Articles of Impeachment of Richard Nixon  <
Text>  <Discussion>   <Statement by Rep. Barbara Jordan, D-TX>
The Articles of Impeachment of William J Clinton   <
Text>  <Discussion>  
Efforts to impeach Donald Trump <

IMPEACHMENT by Raoul Berger, Harvard University Press 1974  Reprint, ISBN 9780674444782  
IMPEACHMENT: A Handbook  by Charles Black, Yale University Press, 1974, ISBN 9780300018189  
IMPEACHMENT: A Citizen's Guide  by Cass R. Sunstein, Harvard University Press 2017, ISBN 9780674983793  

TO END A PRESIDENCY: The Power of Impeachment by Laurence Tribe, Basic Books 2018  ISBN 9781541644885