May 2018
I like trains. The base website for these Potpourri pages is at it's core a railroad website, but I like so many other
things too. To enjoy life to the fullest, I believe you have to explore the little things in depth too.  That's why I
created this Potpourri section.  Well it so happens I enjoy Blues music, and Boogie Woogie music is one small sub cult
of the Blues.  Recently, a fellow railfan friend, Todd Sestero shared a website about the history of B-W.  Seems
there's a connection between B-W music and Steam Trains in the piney woods of Texas.  Who knew?  Anyway, It all
brought back memories of Boogie Woogie in Music Appreciation Class in my pre-high school days.  I had a great
teacher that took a required class and made it so interesting that most of the music we explored is still enjoyable
to me to this day. That included 50's Pop, Bach organ fugues, Barber Shop Quartet, Comic music, AND Boogi
Woogie.  That teacher weighed over three hundred pounds and when HE played B-W he made a piano just jump.  
When my friend sent me the link, all these memories came back and I decided to create this page. with a few
pictures and a few links including some music from You Tube, I think the page may be interesting to motre than just
me.  Uniquely for me,  My wife and I have visited the Texas - Pacific Station in Marshal Texas, the birthplace of
Boogie Woogie.

The Link Todd Sestero sent me:
Boogie Woogie; Its Origin, Subsequent History, and Continuing Development An encyclopedic work to say the least.  
by John "Nonjohn" Tennison

The Definition of Boogie Woogie:  from the above website.
The New Harvard Dictionary of Music, 1986, defines "Boogie Woogie" as "a piano blues style featuring percussive
ostinato accompaniments" that involve "steadily repeated bass patterns, one or two bars long" that "delineate the
12-bar blues progression, sometimes with IV in measure 2 or 10."  This dictionary also states, "Melodies range from
series of repeated figures reinforcing the explicit beat (including tremolos, riffs, rapid triplets) to polyrhythmic
In 1987, Smithsonian music historian Martin Williams wrote:   "Boogie woogie is a percussive blues piano style --no
one knows how old-- in which an ostinato bass figure, usually (but not always) played eight beats to the bar, is
juxtaposed with a succession of right hand figures."
Like all succinct attempts to define Boogie Woogie, these are, by necessity, limited in detail.  Yet, they provide a
starting place to approach Boogie Woogie, and from which to consider instances that defy these definitions.  

Some B-W found on You Tube:
Andrews Sisters Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy   WWII standard  
Bumble Boogie   a classic  
Liberace - Bumble Boogie   
Liberace Boogie Woogie (Re-Upload)   
The Best Boogie Woogie Piano at Heathrow Airport   
Extreme Boogie Smokes Up The Hotel Lobby Piano   
Three Piano Dudes Boogie Woogie The Airport   
Jörg Hegemann - Boogie Woogie   
Swanee River Boogie Woogie - Piano Solo   
Boogie Woogie Stomp Live - Ladyva   
Boogie Woogie Stomp (Albert Ammons) played by Hannes Otahal   
Cody Lee - Boogie Woogie Boy   
Fast Boogie Woogie : Andrew Elias - "Cold Hands Boogie"    
Boogie Woogie Piano (audio only) - A two hour long compilation  For Hard Core Addicts ONLY
...and a ton more on You Tube

More Links:
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Above is a barrelhouse of the sort where Boogie Woogie was born.