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The Racetrack
Location:  Chicago to Aurora, IL   
Railroad:  BNSF, Metra, Amtrak   
Significance:  Heavily-used triple-track high-speed line that sees a mix of commuter trains, freight traffic, and long distance Amtrak trains.
Link to my Racetrack page        
The Rathole
Location:  Between Cincinnati, OH and Chattanooga, TN (A major portion located in Kentucky.)   
Railroad:  NS (ex Southern)   
Significance:   Busy main line which once had many tunnels - most of which have been "daylighted" with wide cuts to increase capacity for
double-stack intermodal trains.  The name comes from RR employees describing rats in the tunnels.
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Rice Yard
Location:  Waycross, GA   N 31.18816, W 82.38547   
Railroad:  CSX (ex Seaboard System)   
Significance:  Largest yard in the CSX system.      
Ridge Tunnel
Location:   South of Altapass, NC (between Spruce Pine and Marion in the western part of North Carolina.  Google map    
Railroad:     CSX (ex Clinchfield)  
Significance:     Crest of the Clinchfield crossing of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The tunnel goes directly beneath the Blue Ridge Parkway  
Raton Pass
Location:  On the Colorado-New Mexico border; between Barstow and La Junta.   Google map   
Railroad:   BNSF, Amtrak  
Significance:   Single track main line mountain pass (summit at 7,588 feet) in remote area with up to 4% ruling grade. Route of the
Southwest Chief.  Most trains require helpers. Raton Pass is an alternate route to the Belen Cutoff, which crest about 1000 feet lower,
and though the railroad here still handles some traffic, the steep ruling grades and available alternates, preclude growth of this line.  
Roper Yard
Location:   Salt Lake City, UT    N 40.7135, W 111.90901  
Railroad:   UP  (ex SP, ex D&RGW)  
Significance:  A major hub of the former Denver and Rio Grande Western system, and a significant yard for UP in Salt lake City.   
Royal Gorge
Location:   Central Colorado, west of Canon City  Google map   
Railroad:   Inactive as of mid 1998 UP (ex SP, ex D&RGW) Now a portion is the site of The Royal Gorge Route tourist railroad.  
Significance:  Track runs beneath what is considered the world's highest bridge abouve a railroad. The 880 foot span which is 1,053 feet
above the Arkansas River which shares the gorge with the tracks.
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