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Oak Island Yard
Location:  Newark, NJ   N 40.71378, W 74.14278   
Railroad:  Conrail Shared Assets, CP   
Significance:  Major terminal for intermodal and other cross country trains. Serves the greater New York City area and it's harbors.   
Old Reliable
Location:  Eastern Kentucky, and eastern Tennessee   
Railroad:  CSX Corbin Division (ex L&N)   
Significance:  Key line south of Cincinnati to the deep South through mountain terrain.   
Orin Line
Location:  In the Powder River Basin   
Railroad:  BNSF ex Burlington Northern), UP (ex CNW)   
Significance:  Key line in the coal fields of Wyoming, the trunk along which some of the largest and most important mines are located.  The
northernmost section (near Gillette, WY) is known as Absolute Alley because of the many interlocking signals. The Orin Line is mostly triple
track with some sections quadruple tracked.
See the entries for Absolute Alley and Powder River Basin.     
Overland Route
Location:  Between Omaha, NE and San Francisco CA   
Railroad:  UP (ex Central Pacific)   
Significance:  Major east-west route; route of the First Transcontinental Railroad.  Two famous locations along the route are Sherman Hill
and Donner Pass   
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