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Meridian Speedway
Location:   between Meridian, Miss., and Shreveport, La.,
Railroad: NS, KCS
Significance:  Meridian Speedway is a joint venture between NS and Kansas City Southern. This 320-mile rail line between Meridian, Miss.,
and Shreveport, La., increases capacity and improves service by eliminating 150 route miles on transcontinental shipments. It takes a full
day out of the transit schedule, and offers automotive manufacturers in the South the shortest, most direct route from points in the
Southeast to California markets. Vehicles are shipped on multilevel rail cars that depart Atlanta on NS intermodal trains and move over the
Meridian Speedway en route to Los Angeles.
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Marias Pass
Location:  North-central Montana, adjoining Glacier National Park  N 48.27865, W 113.61195
Railroad: BNSF, Amtrak
Significance:  Key obstacle on BNSF's northernmost transcontinental route, the so called Hi Line. Grades and curvature have a major impact
on train operations. Helper engines based in Essex, MT are used on many heavy trains.
Note Much of the route parallels and is accessible from U.S. Highway 2. A favorite railfan accommodation in the area is the Isaak Walton
Inn in Essex, MT; right on the main line.
Charles Holzer's Essex MT Page   
Mission Tower
Location:  Los Angeles, CA east of Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal    N 34.06211, W 118.22763   
Railroad: UP, Amtrak, Metrolink
Significance:  Major crossing/junction point for trains to and from LAUPT as well as some freight moving through the Los Angeles Area.
The Mixmaster
Location:  Tower 55 interlocking in downtown Fort Worth, TX   The Tower is at the southwest corner of I-30 and I-35 interchange
GPS: N 32.74481, W 97.32124   
Railroad: Controlled by UP, junction with BNSF, Amtrak
Significance:  Major crossing for north-south and east-west traffic in the Southwest; Major interchange point for UP and BNSF. Gateway for
Powder River Basin coal going to cities and ports along the Gulf coast.    
Modac Line
Location:   Between klamath Falls OR and Flanagan, NV   
Railroad: UP, (ex SP)
Significance:  Reopened to through traffic by Southern Pacific in 1988, the central section was abandoned by UP after the SP merged into
the UP.  The northern segment from Alturas to the line's northern terminus at Klamath Falls, OR, remains in service by a shortline
Moffat Tunnel
Location:   Central Colorado, west of Denver   Google map   
Railroad: UP, (ex SP) (ex D&RGW) Amtrak
Significance:  Third longest RR tunnel in the U.S. at 6.2 miles; replaced the Giant's Ladder over Rollins Pass' Route of the California
Mt Clare Station and Shops
Location:  Downtown Baltimore, MD   Google map   
Railroad: Ex Baltimore and Ohio. Site of the B&O Railroad Museum.
Significance: Considered the birthplace of American Railroading. The B&O was America's first chartered common carrier railroad.
Mullan Pass
Location:  West-central Montana   Google map  
Railroad:   Montana Rail Link   
Significance: Crosses the continental divide at 5,566 feet on a more southernly route than Marias Pass.  Montana Rail Link uses the pass
via Mullan Tunnel.   
Mullan Tunnel: see Mullan Pass
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