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Lake Celilo Bridge
Location:  Between Washington state and Oregon across the Columbia River. The north end of the bridge is just west of Wishram, WA   
GPS: N 45.64864, W 120.98164
Railroad: BNSF, UP, Amtrak   
Significance:  Long low bridge over the Columbia River with many engineering features. The north end of the bridge splits into a wye, parts
of which are still over the water. The south end of the bridge contains both a swing span and a lift span. The swing span is out of service
but the lift span is manned by a bridge operator (who uses the BNSF road frequency to talk to trains) who opens the bridge for passage
of larger craft on the river. The bridge is BNSF's connection to the former Oregon Trunk Line which continues south to central Oregon.
Link to's Lake Celilo Bridge Page
Lambert's Point
Location:  Norfolk, VA    Google map   
Railroad: NS   
Significance:  World's largest coal export terminal, the destination of many Appalachian coal trains.  
Link to NSs Lambert Point page   
Luccin Cutoff
Location:  Great Salt Lake, between Lucin and Ogden, UT
Railroad: UP (ex SP)   
Significance:  Crossing of the Great Salt Lake: Opened 1904, cutting 44 miles from the old route past Promontory. The initial long trestle
was replaced in the mid 50s with a long fill, which had to be raised when the level of the lake rose.  
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The Loops
Location:  Between Altapass and Marion in the western part of North Carolina.   Google map   
Railroad: CSX (ex Clinchfield)   
Significance:  Twisting line (16 miles by rail to cover 1.9 miles by air distance on one segment to reach the crest of the Blue Ridge
Mountains at Ridge Tunnel.