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Kate Shelley Bridge
Location:   Over the Des Moine River near Boone IA.   N 42.06313, W 93.96807     
Railroads:  UP    
Significance:  The Kate Shelley High Bridge, officially called the Boone Viaduct when it was completed in 1901, was one of the highest and
longest double-track railroad bridges in the United States. It is located approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) west of Boone, Iowa. From 2006
to 2009, Union Pacific constructed a new double track concrete and steel bridge next to the old span. During construction, the bridge was
lengthened 160 feet (49 m) to the east due to instability of the bank caused by heavy rains in Spring, 2008; this delayed completion by
at least eight months. The bridge opened to traffic on August 20, 2009, when the Union Pacific ran its first train across the new span.
The UP officially named the new viaduct the Kate Shelley Bridge. The new bridge can handle two trains simultaneously at 70 mph (110
km/h), and at 2,813 feet (857 m) long and 190 feet (58 m) high, the new bridge is longer and slightly taller than the original. The
original bridge was left in place.   
Link to my Kate Shelley Bridge page   
Keddie Wye
Location:   North Central California on the Feather River Canyon route.     
Railroads:  UP (es WP)   
Significance:  Wye tracks located in large part on a high trestle in steep terrain. The wye connects the busy east-west transcontinental
route to the much less used north-south route.
Note: the route north of Keddie to Bieber, CA is known as the High Line in part for its steep climb away from Keddie. The entire route
continuing to Klamath Falls, OR is known as th Inside Gateway.  
Link to my Feather River Canyon page   
Keystone Corridor
Location:   Pittsburg-Harrisburg-Philadelphia, PA (and on to New York City)     
Railroads:  Amtrak east of Harrisburg,; NS west of Harrisburg.   
Significance: Important passenger corridor.
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