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Bailey Yard
Location: North Platte, NE   N 41.15145, W 100.82676
Railroad: UP
Significance: The largest RR classification yard in the World
Link to my North Platte Page      
Barr Yard
Location: Chicago, IL  N 41.64943, W 87.64443
Railroad: CSX
Significance: Primary CSX RR classification yard in the Chicago area
Link to my Dolton Page       
Beacon Rock
Location: North shore of the Columbia River Gorge, 35 miles east of Vancouver WA   Google map   
Railroad: BNSF
Significance: A state park just off Washington highway 14, Beacon Rock is an 848-foot high rock column with spectacular view in which
BNSF trains appear Z-scale like in the scenery below. It requires a 30 minute hike up a winding 4,500 ft trail cut into the side of the
Link to my Columbia River Gorge Page       
Beaumont Hill
Location: Southern California 10 miles east of Loma Linda   Google map   
Railroad: UP  
Significance: Difficult grade (nearly 2%) on the UP route between Los Angeles and Yuma, AZ     
Link to TRAINS article   
Beckworth Pass
Location: Northeast of Potola, CA near the Nevada border.   Google map     
Railroad: UP  
Significance: At 5,018 feet, this is the actual summit of the Feather River Canyon Route crossing the Sierra Mountains.        
Bedford Park
Location: Chicago, IL   N 41.76629, W 87.77929
Railroad: CSX  
Significance: CSX intermodal facility for the Chicago area.
Note: Adjoins Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard.       
Belen Cutoff
Location: Central New Mexico, between Clovis and Belen. The cutoff passes through Abo Canyon.   Google map   
Railroad: BNSF (ex Santa Fe)  
Significance:  Provided a major new east-west route for Santa Fe from Texas. The cutoff also provided a means to bypass Raton Pass, with
the advantage the cutoff's ruling grade is only 1.25%.
My Belen Page   
Bensenville Yard
Location:   Bensenville, IL    N 41.95068, W 87.91521
Railroad: CP   
Significance:  The major CP intermodal facility in the Chicago area.        
Bridge Route
Location:   Connecting the southeast with upstate New York and New England through Harrisburg, PA.
Railroad: NS   
Significance:  Identified as of fur NS long distance corridors implemented as a result of the acquisition of it's share of Conrail.        
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Blue Island Yard
Location:   Blue Island, IL   N 41.63971, W 87.64944   
Railroad: Indiana Harbor Belt (IHB)   
Significance:  Blue Island Yard, located in Riverdale, Illinois, is the heart and soul of the IHB. It is one of the largest yards in the Chicago
area for classification of eastbound traffic. It is a major destination and origination point for most of the Class I railroads.        
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