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Historic Towns:   
Shopping Destinations:             
Scenic Drives:      
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Ideas to search out on your own:  
zoos, waterfalls, Renaissance Fairs, presidential museums, malls, old fashioned
general stores, city markets,
farm markets, cider mills in the fall, fall color tours, great architecture, NASCAR &
other race tracks
, state and county fairs, local festivals, tourist railroads, dinner trains, state capitol buildings, hiking
trails, nature centers, factory tours,
public gardens, river walks,

The Gregarious Roadtripper
My second favorite of my various hobbies is roadtripping.  My interest in roadtripping started when I would take my
kids ‘exploring’ in the car on Saturday mornings. This would serve at least two purposes, to give my wife a respite
from caring for them all week, and to teach them not to be ‘couch potatoes’.  Back then we had a few rules:
1. NO GAMEBOYS or electronic toys.
2. Stay off Interstate highways.
3. No fast food or chain restaurants
4. Stop and investigate anything that might be interesting.
5. Have fun.
These rules served me well and taught the kids patience and a love for investigating the wide world.
Now that I’m retired, I still find roadtripping to be enjoyable. The rules are pretty much the same, however as I
wander farther afield from my home in West Michigan, I find that I must use the Interstate Highway System to get
to new places in a timely fashion. I, in essence just move my starting point farther from home.  One of the joys of
roadtripping is finding what’s around the next corner and as there is frequently nothing around the next corner, You
learn to just ‘enjoy the ride.’  I continue to learn patience and a love for investigating the wide world.  I have
created these pages for my own enjoyment, but maybe you will enjoy them too

Roadtripping dovetails great with railfanning and some evidence of that shows up on my location pages in my choice
of restaurants and occasional listing of other interesting stuff, in my descriptions. If trains are slow or I've had
enough waiting in the hot sun, there's alway an antique shop, a pawn shop, a small town museum, a great little ma
& pa diner, a decent pub or dive bar to cool down in.
My US Google map of Roadtrip POIs   (by no means complete) (The map looks incredibly crowded but once you zoom into
your area of interest it becomes much more managable)    
I would welcome comments, suggestions, additions, or corrections to this page (or any page).  New info will be
credited on the page. E-mail me at
Because I live in Michigan, The general direction of creating pages for all of my road trip pages,with some exceptions
will be to start with my home state, then radiate outward to the Midwest, and if I live long enough to add states  
and locations farther afield. If I get ideas or suggestions for other interesting locations or activities, I will readily add
those as the opportunity presents itself.