The Gregarious Roadtripper
Roadtripping US-12 across southern Michigan
Route description:

All across the state US-12 is known as either Michigan Ave. or the Chicago Road.  
Between the state line near Michiana and the interchange with I-94 near New Buffalo, US 12 forms a portion of the
Lake Michigan Circle Tour (LMCT). The full length of the highway in the state is also a Pure Michigan Historic Byway.  
Outside of the various cities, most of US 12 is a rural, two-lane state highway. One section runs concurrently with
I-94 south of Ypsilanti. From there eastward, the US 12 is a divided highway and then a boulevard into the Detroit

 map: Roadtripping US-12   
Roadtrip Culture:  Don’t be afraid to go into a dive bar, those guys know how
to have fun. Don’t be afraid to leave quietly if you see drugs or ill-tempered drunks.