The Gregarious Roadtripper
Description:  Sections of designated state and U.S highways lend themselves to day trips or even multi day road trips.
Just be sure to explore the attractions and towns along the way.  Many times the basic definition of road tripping
applies: search for what's around the next corner, and realize that many times there's nothing extraordinary there so
just enjoy the ride.
Scenic Drives by Highway Designations
Some Selected Drives  

~~~~~~~~US-40   Coast to Coast   The old National Road   

~~~~~~~~The Road to Nowhere   US-83 from North Dakota to Texas

~~~~~~~~Route 66   ...and   The Mother Road

~~~~~~~~The Great River Road   following the Mississippi River

~~~~~~~~The Great Northern   US-2

~~~~~~~~Big Sur   California Rt 1

The Atlantic Coast   from the Statue of Liberty to the Florida Keys   

~~~~~~~~US-50  San Francisco to Chesapeake Bay   

~~~~~~~~US-30   Coast to Coast   The Lincoln Highway   

~~~~~~~~US-6  Coast to Coast   

~~~~~~~~US-20   Coast to Coast  The Longest Road