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  Mackinac Island (Pronounced "Mac . in . naw") is located in the Straits of Macinaw, (also pronounced "Mac . in .
naw") N 45.84933, W 84.61678  This is an unusual road trip to say the least. BECAUSE  on Mackinac Island
automobiles are not allowed.  This trip is taken by bicycle or rented horse drawn carriage. M-185 on Mackinac Island,
Michigan is the only state highway in US where no motorized vehicles are allowed. Travel is only by bicycles, horses or
on foot.  Two ferry lines (formerly three) provide access to the Island. (The Star Line purchased the Arnold Line in
2017). There is also the Sheppler Line.  It is not the intention of this website to endorse any individual line.  The
Island downtown area features many great hotels, eateries, and other attractions. The Island is famous for fudge shops,
carriage rides, and tacky tourist shops and many people would claim that the tacky tourist shops are one of the most
endearing features of a trip to the island.  The island is a wonderful blend of "touristy", history, and nature and is the
quintessential vacation spot.
Roadtripping Mackinac Island, Michigan - M-185
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