The Gregarious Roadtripper
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Crab Cakes  
Dinner Trains   ...and   
Dive Bars   
Lobster Rolls   (A New England Specialty)  
Lobster Shacks  
Tavern Sandwiches   (An Iowa Fave)  
Tenderloin Sandwiches   
Wisconsin Supper Clubs   (A unique Wisconsin tradition.)  
What better reason for a roadtrip, than to go find some great food?  There are all kinds of ways to plan a road trip
involving food.  That great resaurant that was recommended to you, that unique restaurant like none other, the
special sandwich that you love, regional food specialties. The list goes on and on. What follows is a list of pages that
strike my fancy.  Maybe you'll enjoy them too.
Roadtripping for the Foodie