The Gregarious Railfan
Gregarious: (grĭ-gâr′ē-əs)  adj.
1. Seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable.
2. Tending to move in or form a group with others of the same kind:
gregarious bird species.   railfans.
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A bad day of railfanning is better than a good day of anything else.
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Welcome to ‘The Gregarious Railfan’. If you are a railfan, or like train watching, or just like trains, I hope you will
enjoy the change of style and scope from other railfan guides.  When I first created this website, I had hoped to keep
it minimal, but the site has a mind of it’s own and keeps growing. For various reasons, I have chosen not to include
locations in Canada, preferring to concentrate on places and rail related things in the United States.  Maybe this will
change at a later date.  I continue to add things that are interesting to me and still (mostly) railroad related even if
not actually locations to watch trains.  I am always finding more information that I find interesting to add and new
things to share. As time goes by, my goal is not so much personal observation, but linking you to all the information I
can find on the web for your use. My hope is that you enjoy all these things too. If you do find some enjoyment in
any of these things, feel free to email me and let me know. I would love to correspond if you like – that’s why the
site is called ‘The Gregarious Railfan’.  see the
Contact Page    

2017:  Because I didn't want to finance another website, and I wanted to create a Road Trip site, I created an
addendum onto TGR to accomodate that desire.  That section also continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  If you like
Roadtripping too, check out "
My Second Hobby" link above.

2018:  Because my mind is always wandering and wondering, and many little interesting things don't fit Railfanning OR
Roadtripping, I created a new section: "Potpurri". In this section I document ANYTHING that strikes my fancy, just
because I enjoy researching just about anything.
Website Last Revised 3/8/19   

New locations added in 2019:
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