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West Chicago, IL  60185 (population, 27,096)         Page 2

GPS: N 41.88329, W 88.20881   Google map   

Scanner: CN, 161.475 [91]; UP 160.890 [52] (road), 161.175 [71] (yard)

Railroads: Union Pacific Suburban Div, Geneva Sub, MP 30; Canadian National - (FRA) WC Chicago Terminal Div,
Leithton sub, MP 28; Metra, UP West Line  

FRA Info:  Crossing Inventory Report for UP, Washington St, PDF;  
Crossing Inventory Report for CN, Tower,  PDF

Description: West Chicago is a suburb of Chicago, located 28 miles west of the city. Well known for it’s triple
diamond junction of the CN with the UP.  Busy UP and Metra trains pass over the single track CN at grade (aka
Turner Junction) on the UP West Line (former CNW portion of UP’s Central Corridor). Just to the west is UP’s
West Chicago Yard - a mid-sized interchange yard for switching with an auto unloading ramp. Kress Road passes over
the west end of the yard.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 100 weekdays (mostly Metra)    

Nearby RR stuff: At the junction stands the Iconic, former EJ&E interlocking tower; now (2014) still in service
under CN.  The West Chicago Chamber of Commerce on Main Street has plenty of parking and a great view of the UP
triple Main. And the Metra Station is just a little farther south on Main.

Gregariousness quotient: Medium on weekends when there are frequently railfans present.  

Local breakfast: Egg Yolk Café about ½ mile east on E. Washington St to SR 59 then south
N 41.88467, W 88.19458

Local Fast Food: Burger King & McDonalds, N 41.88137, W 88.19453  just south of Main St on SR 59

Local Pub and grub: The Bunker Bar & Grill, 216 Main St N 41.88328, W 88.20370

Lodging: ?? 5 miles south on SR 59 near the I-88 tollway; ALL are very pricey. Better prices in suburbs farther west.

Personal observations:  A nice change of pace, yet busy place to go railfanning.

Clik for TRAINS Fantrip article on West Chicago   
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