Washington, DC   20002 (population, 672,228 (2015) )     Page 2           

GPS:  N 38.89699, W 77.00642   Google map   

Scanner: (?)

Railroads:  see map on page 2

Description: Union Station in Washington D.C. provides a couple of opportunities for the railfan. First explore the
inside of the station and the concourse. The architecture and the visual experience is enough reason to visit. For
railfanning, enter the station parking garage from H Street  N 38.90006, W 77.00647 go to the top level.  At the
northeast corner of the top level, you will have a front row seat to watching all the Amtrak and commuter trains
entering and exiting Union Station.  It’s quite a show all day long. The tower to the north in the middle of it all is
known as K Tower named for K Street which passes below the tracks at that location. For other railfan opportunities
in the D.C. area, check Todd Sestero’s Washington DC page at

Approximate # trains per 24 hours:  Estimate of 400 train movements per day in and out of Union Station

Nearby RR stuff:  Long Bridge Park in Arlington, VA  N 38.86693, W 77.04752

Other interesting or fun stuff: All the government buildings, monuments, and museums in the nation’s capital.  The
National Mall

Gregariousness quotient: low

Local Breakfast: Lincoln's Waffle Shop 504 10th St NW,  N 38.89651, W 77.02599  Good solid diner food. Many
other places in DC are formal and expensive.

Fast Foods: The concourse in Union Station provides abundant fast food outlets

Local Pub and Grub: Assuming that you're driving, skip having a drink, DC traffic is just too busy; relax in the evening
near a hotel in the suburbs

Lodging: Head for the suburbs unless you like to spend a fortune.
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