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Warrensburg, MO 64093  (population, 19,927 in 2013)        Page 2

GPS:  N 38.76286, W 93.74071  (Amtrak Station)   Google map   

Scanner: UP 160.470 [24], 161.265 ?? [77]

Railroads: Union Pacific, Council Bluffs Division, Sedalia Sub, MP 218.37;

Description: Warrensburg is a city in Missouri on US-50, 55 miles southeast of Kansas City.  The GPS co-ordinates
above are for an iconic Missouri Pacific Passenger Station which now serves Amtrak’s Missouri River Runner Service. The
tracks are owned by Union Pacific.  Because of this, freight trains have some priority over passenger trains. This can
result in delays for Amtrak.  West of Jefferson City, UP Freights run directional with the southern tracks westbound,
However the tracks are signaled bi-directional and Amtrak runs bi-directional on the southern tracks. The eastbound
track follows the Missouri River more generally (about 25 miles to the north). Those tracks closest to the river are  
flooded at times, and traffic get diverted to the south.

Approximate # of trains in 24 hours: 30 including 4 Amtrak

Nearby RR stuff: Kansas City’s Union Station to west within an hour’s drive.

Other Nearby Stuff: Central Missouri University is located in Warrensburg; and Whiteman AFB is about 11 miles east
in Knob Noster, MO; Look up in the sky and on occasion you may see a B-2 stealth bomber flying overhead, an
awesome plane.

Local Breakfast: Mary Jane’s Café, 1042 S Maguire St, N 38.74812, W 93.73645

Fast Food: McDonalds, 311 E Young Ave, N 38.77106, W 93.73384;
& Burger King, 215 East Young, N 38.77117, W 93.73599

Ice Cream: Dairy Queen, 601 E Young Ave, N 38.77167, W 93.72226

Pub and Grub: Old Barney’s Bar, 112 Hout St, N 38.76472, W 93.74100;
& Nathan’s Bar & Grill, 609 E Young Ave, N 38.77167, W 93.72226
& Players $$, 627 E Russell Ave, 38.77334, W 93.72065

And the are several college type bars on Pine Street 1 block north of the Amtrak station too young a crowd to suit
me. TGR

Lodging: Although Warrensburg would probably not be a destination for you, There is a
Super 8 there, 439 Russell Ave, N 38.77308, W 93.73089

Personal Observation:  Warrensburg also happens to be the home of my son, who is a retired Sergeant from the US
Air Force at Whiteman AFB about 15 miles east of Warrensburg.  My son owns a house within 70 yards of the UP
main. Hence, this page. This location is a relatively minor railfan location but his back deck is one of my favorite
locations to watch trains.
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