Disneyworld's Engine Roster:
Also meticulously restored,there 4 engines in the roster. A total of six locomotives have been associated with the
railroad over the years:

No. 1 — Walter E. Disney
No. 2 — Lillie Belle
No. 3 — Roger E. Broggie
No. 4 — Roy O. Disney
No. 5 — Ward Kimball, While the locomotive was obtained for the Walt Disney World Resort’s 25th anniversary in
1996, it was never placed in service, in part because it wasn’t big enough to pull trains up the 1 percent grade
between Tomorrowland and Main Street. The locomotive was displayed for some time in Epcot Center in 1996 and
later sat idle in the railroad roundhouse before it was sent to Cedar Point in exchange for a Forney locomotive that
became Disneyland Railroad No. 5, also named “Ward Kimball.”
The Gregarious Railfan
Walt Disney's Railroads
Denver Todd is The Gregarious Railfan
Todd Sestero is the RAILFAN GUIDES of the U.S.      
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Description:  Walt Disney loved railroads all his life. When his career as a movie animator became financially successful,
he created his own personal, backyard miniature railroad as a hobby.  The Carolwood Pacific Railroad, a 1/8-scale train,
debuted in 1950 and featured a custom-built, steam-powered locomotive that encircled his property.  When he created
Disneyland in 1955, he used a time honored way for moving people around an amusement park, but as Disneyland
wasn't your average theme park, his railroad wasn't average either. It became a star among stars.  The original official
name of the Disneyland Railroad was the Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad.   Today, railroads exist at every Disney
Park around the globe.
Disneyland and the Disneyland RR  zoom in for better detail of the railroad.
Disneyland's Engine Roster:
There are 5 meticulously restored, working narrow-gauge trains you can ride. Each includes 4 sets of passenger cars and
has been named after a careful selection of locomotive legends. The lone exception is the Ward Kimball, named after
the Disney Animator who fostered Walt Disney’s passion for the railway.

No. 1 - C.K. Holliday
No. 2 - E.P. Ripley
No. 3 - Fred Gurley
No. 4 - Ernest Marsh
No. 5 - Ward Kimball
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Walt's backyard railroad
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