The Gregarious Railfan
My Transportation Department
Description:   My son and I started railfanning in 1992, when he was 9 years old.  At the time, I was still working
and always had a company furnished Chrysler minivan, which we travelled in. They had lots of room for cameras,
coolers, suitcases and the like. Very comfortable. When my son got his driver's license in 1999, we had an opportunity
to buy an older mini motor home, a 1985(?) Chevrolet Trans-Van. Not in the best of shape but serviceable. That
allowed us to camp by the rails; cook sleep, and stay out of the elements. Sometimes 24 hours at a stretch.  When
my son joined the Air Force in 2004, I sold the Trans-Van, and bought a cleaner and more reliable former electricians
truck, a 1998 or 99 Chevy full sized van. It could still sleep one and carry all my gear.  I decked that truck out with
chrome mag wheels and graphics of a steam engine on the side.
   Once I retired and had to buy a dependable vehicle of my own, I chose a Chevy HHR, when I was looking at those
on the car lot, I saw an HHR panel and decided to continue with a nice set of graphics on the side.  In 2014 I had
and opportunity to purchase a Ford pick-up truck for family utility use at a very reasonble price and since then have
used both the pick-up and HHR for my trips.
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