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Thomasville, NC
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Thomasville, NC  27360  (population, 27,030 (2016))  

GPS:   N 35.88293, W 80.08166         Google map   

Scanner:   NS 160.950 [56] (?)  MOW 161.535  

Railroads:   NS Piedmont Div, Danville district Sub; Amtrak

FRA Info:   Crossing Inventory Report for NS, Randolf St,   PDF

Description:   Historic downtown Thomasville offers safe, hassle free train watching from the parking lot of the
Visitor'a Center located in a 1870 restored depot, and other locations in town.  The tracks parallel Main Street
through town. Free public parking and public restrooms are available. Restaurants and shopping are close by within sight
of the trains.  The North Carolina Transportation Museum is 25 miles Southwest of Thomasville.  

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 30  

Nearby RR stuff:   North Carolina Transportation Museum, Spencer NC; N 35.69034, W 80.42972  

Gregariousness Quotient:  Medium  

Breakfast:   T-Ville Diner  132 W Main St,  N 35.88183, W 80.08722 (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)  
          Denny's 103 Sedgehill Dr,  N 35.86216, W 80.07300  
          Waffle House 1032 Randolph St,  N 35.86486, W 80.07234

Fast Food:   Arby's 1126 Randolph St,  N 35.85720, W 80.07386;
          Burger King 1011 Randolph St,  N 35.86572, W 80.07200  
          McDonald's  44 West Main St,  N 35.86711, W 80.07245  

Pub and Grub:   R Lo's Pub and grill  207 Fisher Ferry St,  N 35.87719, W 80.08360  

Restaurants:   Loflin's Restaurant 108 Randolph St, N 35.87956, W 80.07986  

Lodging:   Stay Lodge 1119 Randolph St,  N 35.85864, W 80.07157

Visitor's Center:  website   
Disclaimer: I have not been to this location. Info is from Railfan & Railroad Magazine and the internet.  I would
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