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Description:    This page is dedicated to that wondrous marvel of the epicurean world, the Breaded Pork Tenderloin
Sandwich, or just Tenderloin for short. Although found in many places besides it's home grounds, The BPTS originated
and is still principally found in 2 areas of the United States.  The central third of Indiana, and in Iowa. Natives of
other states often don't know they exist. If I can I will try to determine why that is, If not we'll have to dwell on
that later. (Weird fact: Although Illinois is not really a factor in Tenderloins,  Peoria, IL describes itself as the
Tenderloin Capital of the Country.
    Where is the true home of the Breaded Pork tenderloin Sandwich? It is really too close to call – this sandwich
belongs to both Hawkeyes and Hoosiers.  Many experts place the birthplace of the pork tenderloin sandwich in
Huntington, Indiana and credit Nicholas Freinstein as the founding father of this heartland creation. He opened a
restaurant, Nick’s Kitchen in 1908 after years of peddling his sandwiches on the street.  
Breaded Pork Tenderloins
Indiana Tenderloins
Friendly Tavern, Zionsville   N 39.94918, W 86.26137 (My First Tenderloin, many years ago)   
Nickel Plate Bar and Grill, Fishers   N 39.95692, W 86.01615   
Nick's Kitchen, Huntington   N 40.88268, W 85.49589   
22nd St Diner, Indianapolis   N 39.79758, W 86.153174
Bearcats, Indianapolis   N 39.78151, W 86.16297   
Aristocrat Pub & Restaurant, Indianapolis,   N 39.84734, W 86.14615   
Ray's Drive In, Kokomo   N 40.50375, W 86.13697   
Miles Lab, Elkhart   N 41.69228, W 85.91808   
Steer-In, Indianapolis   N 39.78176, W 86.08243   
Courtney's Kitchen, Noblesville   N 40.04683, W 86.01521   
Black Dog Pub, Fort Wayne   N 41.05936, W 85.22178   
Shoreline Brewery and Restaurant, Michigan City   N 41.71956, W 86.90599   
The Mug, Greenfield   N 39.78703, W 85.75524   

Iowa Tenderloins  (seems like not all places in Iowa want to create websites, just sayin')
Iowa Tenderloin Trail   
Nick’s, Des Moines   N 41.52621, W 93.62906   
1901 Chop Haus, Traer   N 42.19342, W 92.46529   
Sweet n’ Saucy, Fairfield   N 41.00833, W 91.96232   
Willie’s Sports Bar and Grill, Hampton   N 42.74218, W 93.20895
Belmond Drive-in, Belmond   N 42.84428, W 93.61656   
Three C’s Diner, Corning   N 40.99119, W 94.73207   
The Recovery Room, Ottumwa   N 41.03677, W 92.43498
Peru Bar & Grill, Peru   N 41.22666, W 93.92564
The Office, Lenox   N 40.88182, W 94.55901
The Lucky Pig Pub & Grill, Ogden   N 42.03930, W 94.02905
River Rock Café, Mt. Pleasant   N 40.93608, W 91.61530    
Joensy’s Restaurant, Solon   N 41.68982, W 91.49625
Smitty’s Tenderloin Shop, Des Moines   N 41.52687, W 93.63562   

Peoria IL Tenderloins
Schooners, Peoria, IL   N 40.73169, W 89.58215 (maybe the only place that serves a tenderloin TOO BIG)
Uncle Joes place, Tremont Street, Peoria, IL   N 41.24619, W 89.92593   
Hungry Moose, Peoria, IL   N 40.69890, W 89.66935   
The Spotted Cow, Peoria, IL   N 40.74626, W 89.60436   

            AND A THO
Note This is a food specialty that lends itself for road trips,
at least among foodies. As I think of others, I
will add them
to the group.  After a few paragraphs of explanation  this
page will consist of
links and places to experience the real deal.
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