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Sutherland, NE  69165  (population, 1,286 (2010))                                                   Description

GPS:  N 41.15672, W 101.12924     map   

Scanner:  UP 160.290 [12], 160.350 [16], 160.410 [20], 160.515 [27], 160.650 [36], 160.680 [38], 160.740 [42]

Railroads:  Union Pacific, Nebraska Div, Sidney Sub   

Description:   Sutherland has developed a railroad park that stretches a little over one half mile along US-30 just
north of the UP double main. I t has several turnouts for parking, a porta-potty, and a pedestrian overpass over the
rails. Several shade trees dot the propery and there is a restaurant across the street.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours:  <100

Nearby RR stuff:  North Platte Bailey Yards & Golden Spike Tower, 25 miles to the east.

Gregariousness quotient:   low

Food:  See North Platte page.  

Lodging:  See Railfan Motels.Com   

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"Why do I have to swear on the Bible in court when the Ten Commandments cannot be displayed outside?"
- Anonymous
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