Anchorage, AK         The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel on the Portage Glacier Highway between Anchorage
and Whittier, Alaska may have the most interesting Street Running in the world.  The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel
(often referred to simply as the Whittier Tunnel) is a multi-use highway and railroad tunnel where autos and the Alaska
RR pass under Maynard Mountain.  Alaska RR
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N 60.78934, W 148.80721   <clik coordinates to go to Google maps>

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This page will offer short descriptions and external links of locations in the U.S. that have
street running; and it will provide links to my location pages that have street running.
Ashland Va,  Actually, not truly street running, the CSX main line splits Center Street in half as passes north
and south through town. But it's MY website and I want to include Ashland and places like it.   CSX
                                      N 37.7589, W 77.4814
Bellevue, IA    2nd St. (From High St. to Chestnut St.)   CN
                      N 42.25841, W 90.42422

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Jack London Square in Oakland CA has true urban main line street running though a busy business district.
                                       N 37.79625, W 122.27924
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La Grange, KY has true Main Street, main line, small town street running. CSX
                                       N 38.40758, W 85.37886
Michigan City, IN  The South Shore commuter RR still passes through Michigan City neighbohoods on rails
placed in city streets.  South Shore                N 41.71168, W 86.89798
Railfanning Ashland, Virginia - Fall 2012 by 'All Aboard Productions'    
February Railfanning 2014 Lagrange, KY;
Pacing the South Shore Line's Street Running  by 'Trains of Chicagoland and Beyond...'   
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Yahoo image by Todd Dillon, Akron RR Club
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"Whittier-Tunnel-Interior-With-Safe-House-2008-May-31" by Mark Fickett - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
West end of tunnel
East end of tunnel
Inside of tunnel
Inside of tunnel
Fresno CA  on Floradora Avenue (North Clark Street to North Maple Avenue)
                                       N 36.76143, W 119.74992
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Gadsden AL  on Locust Street, between 1st St N and 6th St N, Alabama & Tennessee River Railway (still in use)
                                       N 34.01233, W 85.99940

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Street running in Gadsden AL by kawasakiz76
Brewton, AL  St. Joseph Ave (St. Nicholas Ave to Deer St)
                      N 31.10446, W 87.07159

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*The definition of 'Street Running' is often ambiguous among railfans. I tend to include anything
that can be remotely considered 'Street Running' on this page because it is all interesting IMHO
Anaheim, CA       Santa Ana St.  (from Santa Ana Freeway to S. Claudia St)    UP
                                        N 33.82800, W 117.92597
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Columbus, GA   9th Street
                               N 32.46285, W 84.98571
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Augusta, Ga    6th St. (From Reynolds St. to Taylor St., still in use)   NS
                                      N 33.47528, W 81.96100

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Clearwater, FL       East Avenue (from Turner Street to Drew Street; still in use)   Cxr Railroad (?)
                               N 27.95961, W 82.79686

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Fort Collins, CO     S. Mason St. (From Cherry St. to W. Pitkin St., BNSF, still in use) NOTE: this was  
converted to ballast and curbs in 2012.        N 40.58153, W 105.07888

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