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Streator, IL  61364  (Population, 13,422; 2013 est.)        Google map

GPS: N 41.12101, W 88.82471  

Scanner:  BNSF 160.650 [36], NS 160.800 [46],  Illinois Railroad 161.355 [83]

Railroads:  BNSF Chicago Division, Chillicothe Sub; Norfolk Southern Dearborn Division, District 503123; Illinois RR
Kankakee Branch  

FRA Info:  Crossing Inventory Report for BNSF, Bridge St. PDF; Crossing Inventory Report for NS, Kankakee Dr. PDF

Description:  Streator is located in north central Illinois.  It is about 80 miles southwest of Chicago. There is a
junction right downtown between the BNSF Transcon and Norfolk Southern’s entry into Illinois. It is not a real
interesting place to railfan but combined with Dwight, IL (UPRR) and Kankakee, IL (CNR) both within reasonable
diving distance to the East, a satisfactory railfan trip can be had.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours:  BNSF 60, NS 12, IR 8

Nearby RR stuff:  Union Pacific at Dwight IL;  CN Former IC at Kankakee, IL

Gregariousness quotient: Low

Food:  Bulldogs 709 N Bloomington St (N 41.12738, W 88.83559)

Lodging:  Super 8 in Dwight IL (N 41.11294, W 88.41205)

Streator railfanning was featured in TRAINS Magazine, Hot Spots, April 2017**
Disclaimer: I have not been to this location. Info is from the Internet and TRAINS Magazine.  I would welcome
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