The Gregarious Railfan
Stations and Depots
Description:  The conundrum for this webmaster is how to present this page. Number one, there are just too many
stations to list and too many possible categories (historical, surviving and not, currently repurposed, or modern) to
present; and number two, other websites have various list comprehensive or not so that it doesn't make sense to
reinvent the wheel.  So I settled as I often do on a simple list of links and I am going to create Google maps for
stations anyway, to lend my 2 cents worth of knowledge.  Even a list of links can't do the subject justice, so if this is
your interest, my suggestion is just to start Googling Rail Stations and all its permutations.  Additionally, my Google
map of stations got so unwieldy that I had to divide it into seven regional maps. Those are currently  (April 2018)
being reconstructed.

My Google map of Stations  Incomplete, In fact stalled, see explanation in the above description...  
My Google map of Stations of the Northeast   uc   
My Google map of Stations of the Southwest   uc  
Union Station, Washington, DC
Refurbished and Repurposed, Wilcox AZ City Hall
Newfoundland, NJ