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Sand Patch Grade
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GPS:   N 39.79795, W 78.97342

Scanner:  CSX 160.230, 160.320,161.520, 160.410, 160.290

Railroad:   CSX Baltimore Division, Keystone Sub

Railfan Access: There is limited access east of the summit, access is better at various grade crossings west of the
summit  in the area of Meyersdale, PA on Bus Rt 219; and Garret, PA

Summit: N 39.79795, W 78.97342   an overpass of the rails on Deal Road east of Meyersdale, PA is very close to
the summit.
Description:  Sand Patch Grade is located in the Southern Alleghenies in Pennsylvania. The double track route starts
in the east at Hyndman, PA, crests at 2,258 feet, and continues downgrade to the west of Confluence, PA and points
west.  You can likely expect about 10-12 trains in daylight between 8AM and 6PM with a little heavier traffic on
weekends.  There is a tunnel east of the summit, to my knowledge it is not easily accessible except by hiking in.

Safety: This area is known to have venomous snakes, like rattlesnakes and copperheads. If you get out of the car in
rural places, keep an eye out for them.  It may even be a good idea to keep a snakebite kit in your first aid kit.
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