The Gregarious Railfan
Australian Road Trains
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   This page really doesn’t belong here. It has nothing at all to do with railfanning, but maybe a lack of railfanning.
The continent of Australia is as vast and wide as the continent of North America but there are no railroads in the
Outback, so they still use “trains”, It’s just that they use Road Trains instead of railroad trains.  And that’s the
proper name for them, - trucks with from four to seven trailers (and sometimes more) are allowed in the interior of
Australia.   If you have seen the movie Crocodile Dundee, there was a scene that showed a Road Train. That is where I
first encountered them, and I’ve always had an interest in them, although the subject is nowhere near as wide of scope
as railroads.  Anyway, it’s my website and I’ve include this little page about Road Trains, really no more than a short
list of links.