The Gregarious Railfan
Refrigerated Unit Trains
This sector of the railroad business is highly time sensitive, and any number of logistic glitches can hamper the
desirability of this business for shippers. Railex seems to have the upper hand on taking advantage of Railroads
strengths in using refrigerated and frozen food transport.

Railex ships unit trains of refrigerated boxcars on Union Pacific and CSX from Wallula, WA, to Schenectady, NY
and also from Delano, CA to join the Wallula train; and a separate train from Delano to Jacksonville, FL.    

Salad Bowl Express    (Railex WB at Rochelle)  

The Green Express, from Tampa, FL to Kingsbury, IN, operated by CSX and the Tampa Port Authority,

There have been two other refrigerated unit trains:

Cold Train
Intermodal (discontinued)  Ran on BNSF Northern Transcon from Quincy, WA to Chicago, IL (acquired by
Federated Railways, Inc in 2014 - no information on resumed service)

McKay Transcold Express Ran on BNSF’s southern Transcon from Selma, CA to Wilmington, IL  (discontinued)
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