The Gregarious Railfan
Ogden Dunes, IN 46368 (population 1,106 (2016) )        Page 2   Mini Guide  

GPS: N 41.61704, W 87.18957   Google map   

Scanner:  NS, 160.800 [46], 161.070 [64]; CSSSB 161.355 [83]      

Railroads:  Norfolk Southern Dearborn District, Chicago Line; NICD, CSSSB (South Shore)  

FRA Crossing Inventory: Crossing Inventory for NICD, Hillcrest Rd, PDF; Crossing Inventory for NS, Hillcrest Rd, PDF

Description: The South Shore Commuter line (AKA as the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend RR) runs Electric
Intercity Commuter Service through Michigan City from South Bend IN to Chicago IL (Millennium Station). Ogden
Dunes is a stop on that line, and offers good parking and sight lines for the railfan. Parallel to and on the opposite
side of the parking lot runs the NS Chicago Line. Both line see heavy rail traffic. Quite a comfortable setup for the
railfan, except for the lack of rest rooms.  They could be found at the Marathon gas station/convenience store across
the road.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours:   110; 44 commuter and 66 freight

Nearby RR Stuff: Michigan City and Porter Junction   

Gregariousness Quotient:  Low

Fast Food:   McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Others, Ameriplex Rd.  N 41.60726, W 87.17172

Pub & Grub:  Shenanigans, 6121 US-20, Portage, IN N 41.59814, W 87.17910

Lodging:   Best Western Plus Portage Hotel & Suites, 6200 Melton Rd, Portage, IN N 41.59912, W 87.17596;      
. Super 8, 6118 Melton Rd, Portage, IN  N 41.59859, W 87.17932,
Cheaper than BW but many bad reviews
Denver Todd is The Gregarious Railfan
Todd Sestero is the RAILFAN GUIDES of the U.S.      
Aug 2017
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