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NS New River Bridge, Scott Co., TN
GPS:   N 36.39606, W 84.55786

Scanner:    (?)

Railroad:   Norfolk Southern Central Division, Southern Sub, CNO&TP (leased to Cincinnati Southern RR)

Railfan Access: Limited on Church Sexton Lane

Description:  The New River Railroad Bridge is the tallest railroad bridge in the State of Tennessee, at 389 feet
above the New River Gorge. The river channel cantilever span stands on two hollow piers, 392 feet apart. The bridge
was built along a realignment of Cincinnati Southern's infamous "Rathole" Line, between Danville, Kentucky and Oakdale,
Tennessee, to reduce the number of tunnels and fault line crossings on the Cincinnati-to-Chattanooga route. The
realignment also lowered the steep incline into the New River Valley northward from Elgin, Tennessee, eliminating the
need for the Robbins Tunnel and the old New River crossing.
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