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Todd Sestero is the RAILFAN GUIDES of the U.S.      
Mason City, IA  50401  (population, 27,430 (2016))                   

GPS:   N 43.13469, W 93.27915        Map   

Railroads:   UP, IC&E, IATR

Description:   This Mason City, IA page was not created as a Mini Guide. My intention here is to give information
about the Iowa Traction Railway, reporting marks IATR. The  IATR is the only railroad left in the United States that
uses traction power for it's freight operation.  Probably because the owner is much a railfan as anyone else.  Todd
Sestero’s Mason City web page gives more information about the Union Pacific; and Iowa, Chicago & Eastern railroads.
While I was researching Mason City, I found it to be quite a vibrant town and found myself yearning to visit there.

Ice Cream:   Birdsalls, 518 N Federal Ave  n 43.15676, W 93.20124 classic ice cream shop;
           Dairy Queen, 3481 4th St SW  N 43.14785, W 93.25367

Pub and Grub:  Burke's Bar & Grill, 1221 N Federal Ave  N 43.16301, W 93.20110

Lodging:  Historic Park Inn Hotel, 7 West State St,  N 43.15181, W 93.20146;   The Last Remaining Frank Lloyd
Wright Designed and Built Hotel in the World truly is one of a kind.  You can’t help but wander throughout the
entire hotel, and enjoy the many quiet and comfortable settings, while absorbing a part of history. With 27 unique

Mason City Visitor Information Center, 2021 4th St SW, Mason City, IA
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Disclaimer: I have not been to this location and I have not collected enough info to create a Mini Guide. The info here
is from Todd Sestero and the internet.  I provide this page to share the railfan info available.  I would welcome
pictures, additions, or corrections to this page. Pictures and new info will be credited on the page. e-mail me at