Description:  (from Wikipedia) Marquette Rail is a short line railroad operating in Michigan. It is based in Ludington
and operates 126 miles (203 km) of trackage north from Grand Rapids, Michigan, where connections with CSX and
Norfolk Southern are located. It serves chemical, paper products and various general freight customers. The railroad has
an annual profit of about $4 million on income of $13 million.

The company was founded in November 2005 by Kevin Ruble, a nationally active railroad consultant, who purchased a
CSX line running north from Grand Rapids to Ludington and Manistee. The railroad maintains its trackage to 40 mph
(64 km/h) standards, and operates, as of 2008, seven EMD GP38-2 and EMD SD40-2 locomotives.[1] Prior to its
acquisition, Marquette Rail was an employee-owned company.

On 8 February 2012, RailAmerica, a national short-line operator, announced that it planned to purchase Marquette
Rail for $40 million. RailAmerica and Marquette Rail were subsequently purchased by Genesee & Wyoming.
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Marquette Rail
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