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Manchester, GA 31816 (population, 3,769)

GPS: N 32.85249, W 84.61295   Google map   

Scanner: CSX 160.590 [32], 161.520 [94], 161.100 [66], 160.230 [8], 160.590 [32], 160.410 [20]

Railroad: CSX Atlanta Division, Manchester Sub, MP 788  

FRA Info:   
Crossing Inventory Report for CSX, Manchester Yard   PDF   

Description: Manchester, Georgia is located at the junction of three vital subdivisions of the CSX.  The Manchester
and Linville subs merge from the north and flow south as the Fitzgerald sub of the Jacksonville Division.  Trains from
the Midwest come through Birmingham on the Linville Sub, and trains from Atlanta and the Northeast come off the
Manchester sub and head for Waycross, Georgia’s Rice Yards and on to Jacksonville.  Coal, grain, auto racks,
intermodal and manifest freights, as well as the occasional business train headed north from CSX’s Jacksonville
headquarters may be seen. The city of Manchester has built a covered viewing platform at the north end of the small
yard, near the Highway 85 overpass with electricity, a scanner, picnic tables and plenty of parking.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 30+

Nearby RR stuff: Every third weekend in October, Manchester hosts Manchester Railroad days.

Local Fast Food: McDonald’s west on Main St, N 32.85387, W 84.61844

Local Food:  Magic City Grill, 300 W Main St, N 32.85342, W 84.61705

Lodging:  Better Choices in Columbus, GA 30 miles SW of Manchester.   
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Train Watching Mania in Manchester, GA. part II The Trains May 19, 2014             
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