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Mammoth Springs, AR  72554  (population, 961 (2016))                                       Description       

GPS:  N 36.49569, W 91.53293   (Depot Museum)         Google map   

Railroads:  BNSF Springfield Division,  Thayer Sub North and Thayer Sub South

Scanner:    BNSF   160.335 [15],  160.500 [26]  others ?

Description:  Mammoth Springs is in Northern Arkansas, literally right on the state line with Missouri.  The entrance
to Mammoth Springs State park, where a large, fast flowing spring is located is 500 ft south of the state line on
US-63. There is a Depot Museum located in the State Park and the BNSF main line passes right by it.  The 1886
Frisco Depot there has been fully restored and here, park visitors can browse exhibits of train memorabilia and view
historical objects from the local area.  The crew change point for the BNSF Is in Thayer, MO; 2 miles north.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours:   30
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Disclaimer: I have been to this location but not as a railfan, and I have not collected enough info to create a Mini
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