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Google Maps     
Bing Maps     
FRA Safety Map   
Open RR Map   very detailed with railfan stuff
Open Street Map   
Anyplace America, Topo Maps, Points of Interests and Places to Visit
IDOT Illinois RR map   
Google Map of Yards, Towers, etc   
Google Map of RR Stations and Depots   
Depot Maps   
U.S. Map of My Railfan Locations   

Other Reference   
Wikimapia Railyards   
My Railroad Histories Page   
Todd Sestero's List of System Maps    
Texas Railroad Interlocking Tower Website   
National Railroad Historical Society   
Railway & Locomotive Historical Society   
The Martin F. O'Rourke Memorial Railroad Library at Bowie Tower, Bowie, MD
The Railroad Station Historical Society Wiki   A wikipedia dedicated to railroad and railfan information   
Railroad maps available at Library of Congress Website   
1948 Railroad Atlas     
Intellicast Weather   faster loading than
Hazmat Codes   
DOT-111 Reader, Recent derailments and accidents   
R.J. Corman Raillroad Group   
R.J. Corman Emergency Response   
AAR Radio Channel Frequencies     
Amtrak Radio Frequencies      
Scanner Laws   
A simple explanation of Signals   
North American Interlockings     
Active North American railroad interlocking towers and cabins   
Surviving Steam Locomotives in the USA     
American Rails    
Passenger Railroads of the 1930's-1940's in North America by Richard Parks
Michigan's Railroad History,   PDF   
Ohio Intermodal Terminals  PDF includes a comprehensive overview of Intermodal operation   
Denver's Railroads   
Dinner Trains   
The Great American Stations   
Georgia Depot List   
Georgia's Railroad History & Heritage   
Track the Heritage Units   
List of Historical Societies and Museums   
Abandoned Rails .com   quite extensive   
America's Finest Railroads  
Trains are Fun    Miscellaneous train stuff   
Rusty Rails   website; limited content but interesting  
Mountains West, links   
Railroads in Texas from Fort Worth, TX, and Beyond!  Suggested by Conner Kelly  
TRAINS List of roundhouses still standing in 2010   
American Steam Locomotive Wheel Arrangements  aka  "The Whyte System"      
Railroad   Contributed by Liam Powell
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a nationwide network of trails from former
               rail lines and connecting corridors

RAILFAN GUIDES of the U.S.  by Todd Sestero
RAILROAD SIGNALS of the U.S.   by Todd Sestero
N8OAYs Railfan Help Desk     
Railfanning at Major Train Stations   
The Railfan's Guide to Wisconsin and Illinois Railroad Radio Frequencies    
Railroads of Cincinnati   
Colorado Railfan  
The Funnel Railfan Guide A guide to the BNSF Funnel across the Pacific Northwest  
Iowa Interstate Railfan Guide    
Milwaukee Area Railfan Guide Map   
The Ohio Railroader   They also have a very active discussion group for all things Ohio on Facebook   Train Trips, Railroad Infrastructure and Traffic Data
RailfanLocations  by Charles Holzer
Railfan Motels  by Charles Holzer    
Jeff Knorek's Websites   With more than a few interesting RR pages   
Joe's Railfanning in the Southeast   
Mikes Railroad Crossing Website  (mostly Alabama)
Dan’s Wig Wag Survivors Site   
Subway Nut .com   Lots of commuter rail too
Virtual Railfan - You Tube   Watch Trains Live.  Financially support this valuable railfan resource if you can.
    Note: Some locations are by subscription (but occasionally free) unless sponsered.

Railroad Photographs    
Denver Rails   
Hawkins Rail   a railfan scrapbook  
North East Rails   
Mike Yuhas - Railroad Paparazzi   
Passenger Car Photo Index   
Railfan Atlas   
Railroad Interlocking Towers on Flickr    
Railroad Photography by Travis Dewitz   
Mike Carter's railroad pages - Good variety of photo's   
Railroad Signal Pictures by Eric Haas at   
BNSF Racetrack   
Lamont Down's Railroad Slide Gallery   

Miscellaneous Links   
The Gregarious Railfan on You Tube       
Rail Merchants International   Here's where to buy private varnish or a used caboose.   
Blackmon Auctions   Sometimes they have railroad Locomotives up for auction.   online bookstore of railroad books
Wikipedia's List of notable railfans   
Wikipedia entry for "Railfan"    
Railroad Links by William Eric McFadden   
The Desert Empire Project   
Transportation History: The Trolley, Tram and Streetcar by The Parts Geek   contributed by Meg from Wyoming    

Short list of rail magazines
RAILFAN and RAILROAD Magazine   
RAILWAY AGE  Trade publication
PRIVATE VARNISH   about private rail passenger cars

A Link Page for Archiving and Misc.   NEW

TRAINS Hot Spot Guidebook   This link is a commercial endorsement for a product, That, and my recommendation
that a subscription to TRAINS Magazine is almost a requirement for serious railfans are the only commercial
endorsements that I would like to make on this website.