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Klienfelter, CA  92363  (population, O)                                                                Mini Guide

GPS:  N 34.90049, W 114.76773

Scanner:   BNSF Needles Sub (Road - Needles to Minneola)  160.93500 [55]

Railroads:  BNSF California Div, Needles Sub

FRA Info:  Crossing Inventory Report for BNSF RR, private road,   PDF   

Description:   Klienfelter is a geographic location on the busy BNSF Needles Sub about 5 miles NW of Needles in east
central California. It is the location of Goff's Hill on the BNSF and parallels US-95. just a bare turnout off US-95,
but a great place for western railroad photography.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours:   80+

Nearby RR stuff:   BNSF at Needles, CA

Photo Opportunities:  BNSF mainline freights climbing and descending Goff's Hill at various places along US-95

Gregariousness quotient:  zero unless another railfan happens by

Breakfast:   Wagon Wheel, 2420 Needles Hwy, Needles, CA  N 34.85086, W 114.62331

Fast Food:   McDonalds, 1201 3rd St, Needles, CA  N 34.83995, W 114.61006

Ice Cream:    Dairy Queen, 2451 Needles Hwy, Needles, CA  N 34.85126, W 114.62415

Pub and Grub:  Porky's BBQ & 66 Bar, 2508, 1900 Needles Hwy, Needles, CA  N 34.84848, W 114.61681

Lodging:  Best Western Colorado River Inn, 2371 W Broadway St, Needles, CA  N 34.84965, W 114.62339

Personal Observation: a lonely place but lots of trains.   

You Tube video:  UP GP60 and three BNSF PR30Cs on BNSF Manifest by zchcsse1   

Visitor's Center:  Needles Chamber of Commerce, 100 G St, Needles, CA  N 34.84038, W 114.60653
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