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Hell Gate Bridge, Queens, N.Y.
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GPS:  40.782596, -73.921960

Scanner:  (?)

Railroad:  Amtrak

Railfan Access: Parallel parking on Shore Blvd. in Astoria Park, Queens. N 40.78028, W 73.92244

Description:  The Hell Gate Bridge (originally the New York Connecting Railroad Bridge or The East River
Arch Bridge) is a 1,017-foot steel arch railroad bridge between Astoria in the borough of Queens and
Randalls and Wards Islands (which are now joined into one island and are politically part of Manhattan) in
New York City, over a portion of the East River known as Hell Gate.  The bridge is used by Amtrak and by
some CSX, Canadian Pacific, Providence & Worcester Railroad, and New York and Atlantic freight trains. The
bridge and structure are owned by Amtrak, part of its Washington, D.C. to Boston electrified main line
known as the Northeast Corridor. The bridge is also part of the New York Connecting Railroad, a rail line
that links New York City and Long Island to the North American mainland.
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