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Hamlet, NC  28345  (population, 6,391 (2016))                                                     Mini Guide

GPS:  N 34.88366, W 79.69906  (Amtrak Station)       map

Scanner:   CSX 161.100 [66], road; 160.230 [8], 160.410 [20], 160.920 [54], 161.370 [84], 161.520 [94]

Railroads:   CSX Florence Division, Hamlet Terminal Sub  

FRA Info:   Crossing Inventory Report for CSX, Spear St,   PDF   
Crossing Inventory Report for CSX, Marboro St,  PDF  

Description:   The Amtrak Station at Hamlet, NC is well known as a traditional railfan location. It is featured in all
3 versions of TRAINS Hot Spot publications. It is the crossroads of The  former Seaboard Air Line now CSX mains.  
The beautiful Queen Anne style SAL Station, restored in 2004 and serving Amtrak, is the centerpiece of Downtown
Hamlet. Also in Hamlet is the
National Railroad Museum, located at 20 W Hamlet Ave, N 34.88409,  W 79.69400

Approximate # trains per 24 hours:  less than 20

Gregariousness quotient:   Low to medium

Fast Food:   Burger King, 542 W Hamlet Ave  N 34.89320, W 79.70116

Local Restaurant:   Seaborad Station Restaurant, 12 Charlotte St  N 34.88561, W 79.69821

Pub and Grub:   The Sports Connection, 38 Main St  N 34.88402, W 79.70008

Lodging:   Quality Inn (and others)  6 miles northwest in Rockingham

TRAINS Article:   TRAINS Hot Spots, Special Issue 2018

Visitor Info:   Trip Advisor for Hamlet NC   
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