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July 2017
Gary, IN (aka Pine Junction)  46406   (population, 76,424) (2016)       Desciption

Thanks to Vince from Virginia for his input for this location.

GPS: N 41.62464, W 87.39404 Clark Rd.  Google map   

Railroads:  CN   CSX   NS  IHB   Amtrak  No accurate confirmed frequencies found online, Suggest using the
common road frequencies for each RR

Caution:  Pine (Clark Road) is pretty much off limits thanks to CSX and CN RR Police.
That being said I have decided to create this page because many railfans love this place even though the
odds seem to be 50/50 on whether you will be bothered, given a ticket, or possibly arrested. There is no
place at Pine junction that is NOT RR Property.  Clark Rd. is terrible, filled with potholes, and heavy
truck traffic. The area has no facilities, no convenience stores in the area, and no shade at the location.
Personally I choose to railfan at more comfortable locations, the Chicago area offers so many.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours:
100+   A reason this place is so popular...

Photo opportunities: Wide angle shots in the open with trains at speed. Another reason this place is so popular...

Nearby RR stuff: The Whiting/Hammond Amtrak Station, N 41.69108, W 87.50659 1135 North Calumet Avenue,
Hammond, IN

Gregarious Quotient: Low



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