The Gregarious Railfan
Garbage Trains
Unit Garbage trains are a modern day fact of life.  Thanks to present-day environmental concerns, many cities have to
dispose of their solid waste at a considerable distance from the source.  A 100 car unit train of trash containers is less
expensive and controversial than driving 500 garbage trucks over the road (and through other people's communities) as
a means for covering the distance. Trains tend to be invisible.  Garbage trucks are anything but...  And yes! garbage
trains do stink.  Frequently these trains are low priority and spend lots of time in the hot sun parked on sidings.
Railfans who have seen these trains will attest to that fact. Still they are one more interesting type of train.
And finally, how do you suppose they get garbage out of New York City or other big city?  
Why it takes the subway of course. Take a look:
CSX Q711 Garbage Train by Dunkirk NewYork
Garbage trains by Wes Phillips
Garbage Train by transittoronto Garbage collection on the Toronto subway