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Grand Rapids, Grand Haven and Muskegon Railway
Description:   The Grand Rapids, Grand Haven and Muskegon Railway was an electric interurban railway that operated
in west Michigan from 1902 until 1928.  The Grand Rapids, Grand Haven & Muskegon (GRGH&M) Railway was part of
a network of electric railroads that spread across southern Michigan in the early part of the 20th century. For nearly
30 years, the railway connected Grand Rapids with Muskegon and Grand Haven on the Lake Michigan shore. The fast
and frequent service it offered transformed life in Coopersville, Nunica, Berlin (now Marne), Fruitport, and other
smaller communities along the way. In addition, the railway and the boats of the Goodrich and Crosby steamship lines
provided an overnight connection with Chicago and Milwaukee. Moving both people and freight, this interurban had an
important impact on both local and regional economies.
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Personal Note:  The GRGH&M Interurban RR was a part of the history in my hometown in the early 1900s, so I
decided to add this page.
GRGH&M a great overview of the history and route at
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Grand Rapids, Grand Have and Muskegon Railway, 1919
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