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* Floobydust is electronics slang. It basically means ‘miscellaneous’.
These trains are all commercially active trains operating on 'main line' Class I
railroads; not tourist trains.
Private Varnish
Private varnish are privately owned custom built or restored passenger cars. Frequently they travel at the end of
scheduled Amtrak trains or in special excursion trains.
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Special Trains:
Unit Trains;  a partial list:
Ethanol & Crude Oil   
Refrigerated produce and processed food
Garbage (honest!)   x
Stone and aggregates   
Molten Steel
Finished coiled steel   
Radioactive waste  
National Guard and DoD trains   
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Schnabel Cars the largest cars on the rails
More about Schnabel Cars  by S. Berliner III
Picture Ciurtesy of Todd Sestero
In corresponding to a friend about a depot in Hampstead, MD, I had this epiphany:
"I always like to see an old depot with clean, non peeling paint and an A/C unit along side. It
tells me that someone there cares about our railroad heritage enough to save it and use it.
(The railroad, the city, some business, or some individual - that doesn't make a difference; just
so it's preserved.) Can you imagine railfanning without depots or cabooses? "   TGR
Miniature Steam Railroads
There just isn't any way to describe all that's on this page and if you don't want to click all
the links, well you just might miss something interesting. Just sayin'
TRAINS multi page Trackside Guides  (Worth finding or purchasing back issues from TRAINS)
#1 Cincinnati Trains September 2002
#2 Portland, OR  December 2002
#3 Detroit Trains June 2003
#4 Omaha Trains September 2003
#5 Minneapolis - St. Paul  December 2003
Car/Train Accidents  Following is a link to: Google images of Car/Train accidents.  Now tell me something,
How many times did you see the train lose?  Moral: DON"T F**K WITH A TRAIN AT THE GRADE CROSSING.
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