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Flomaton, AL  36441  (population, 1408 (2016))                                      Mini Guide

GPS:  N 30.99915, W 87.25810            Google map   

Scanner:   CSX 161.370 [84], 160.320 [14], 161.520 [94]

Railroads:   CSX Atlanta Division, M & M Sub; CSX Atlanta Division, PD/PA Sub

FRA Info:   Crossing Inventory Report for CSX, Cottage St,   PDF;  
Description:  Flomato, AL is located in southern Alabama about 30 miles north of Pensacola, FL.  Is the active
junction of 2 CSX main lines. Peak operating hours are generally early mornings; lulls generally occur in the afternoon.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours:   25

Nearby RR stuff:   
    Coaling Tower: N 31.00014, W 87.25064
    Flomaton Area RR Museum, 702 Sydney E. Manning Blvd, N 31.00363, W 87.26347

Gregariousness quotient:   Low

Fast Food:   McDonalds, 80 AL-113, Flomaton, AL, N 31.02127, W 87.25194

Pub and Grub:   not much, This is the Bible Belt

Lodging:    Best Bet is Pensacola FL  30 miles south.

TRAINS Article: Guide to North American Hot Spots by J. David Ingles  Kalback Publishing 2001

Visitor's Info:   Trip Advisor Flomaton   

City website:  Here   

.            CSX in Flomaton AL   
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