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Flatonia, TX  78941 (population, 1383)

GPS:   N 29.68749, W 97.11610 (Photo Pavilion)   Google map   
N 29.68702, W 97.10880 (Tower #3)

Scanner: UP 160.665 [37] and l60.410 [20]  

Railroads:  Union Pacific San Antonio Division, Flatonia Sub; UP San Antonio Division, Cuero Sub; UP San Antonio
Division, Glidden Sub

Description: Flatonia is approximately 100 miles west of Houston on I-10, and located on UP’s former Southern
Pacific Sunset Route.  The town has built what they call a ‘Photo Pavilion’ at the junction with UP’s Cuero Sub.
Tower #3 which used to be located at the junction has been save and moved to a location downtown just 3 blocks to
the east.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: 30 - 40

Gregariousness quotient: Low

Local breakfast:  Railroad Track Café on Main Street right by the tracks. N 29.68770, W 97.10521

Local Fast Food: McDonalds North on SR 609 N 29.69510, W 97.10304

Ice Cream: Dairy Queen North on SR 609 N 29.69285, W 97.10329

Local Pub and grub: Roberts Steak House, North of I-10 on SR 95 N 29.70010, W 97.10870

Best choice for lodging: Best Western Flatonia Inn, 10 Frontage Rd, N 29.69606, W 97.10528  

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Visitor Info:   Flatonia - Trip Advisor   
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