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Flagstaff, AZ  86001 (population, 65,482)                Page 2   Page 3         Guide

GPS: N 35.19630, W 111.64570 (BNSF station)        Google map   

Scanner: BNSF 160.935 [55], 160.335 [15]   

Railroad: BNSF Southwest Div, Seligman Sub, MP 344   

FRA info:   Crossing Inventory for BNSF, San Francisco Street, PDF.

Description: Flagstaff, AZ is located in central Arizona on the busy BNSF “Transcon” and on old Route 66.  Great
access at many places to the "Transcon" and all the amenities that a city could offer.

Approximate # trains per 24 hours: up to 100, including Amtrak’s Southwest Chief.   

Nearby RR stuff:

.         Flagstaff Amtrak, 1 Historic Rte 66,  N 35.19719, -W 111.64879

.         Grand Canyon Railway, 35 Mi west in Williams AZ, 280 N Grand Canyon Blvd, N 35.25125, W 112.19107

Photo opportunities in Flagstaff: Spectacular views of the BNSF all along Route 66   

Gregariousness quotient: Low to Medium   

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